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Energy saving lighting cuts down on energy consumption in that they use around one third of the power that ordinary incandescent bulbs do. In terms of longevity,Jump Start energy saving bulbs last up to ten times longer than normal bulbs, which also saves you money on purchasing light bulbs, not to mention the frequent trips to the store and all hassles involved. Another bright side to energy saving lighting is its environmentally friendly streak. One of the best things you can do to make your home or commercial complex eco friendly is to assess the energy use of your home and decide on ways to reduce this amount. Energy saving bulbs can help you do this by trimming down out a considerable amount of energy needed to light your home. The result will be terrific cost savings on electricity with these bills, because your electricity bill will usually go down by about ten percent. These savings can really add up over the course of a year. To put it in numeric terms, if energy saving lighting your home electricity costs by just twenty dollars a month, that is a savings of two hundred and forty dollars a year, a large chunk of change. Energy saving lighting also scores on warm up times. While in the past, they would sometimes take a while to warm up to their full potential. Modern technology has vastly done away with this grey area of energy efficient lighting. Today the energy saving bulbs of the nature of LEDs, light up in less than a second, with no flickering and achieve their full brightness within a minute. So why wait when you can do away with the pain of shelling out exorbitant amount on energy bills with energy saving lighting.

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